StuKoI 2024

StuKoI stands for Studenten Konferenz Informatik (engl. Student Conference Informatics) and was initiated in collaboration with Professor Weyers and the Computer Science Student Council at the University of Trier. The conference's goal is to give students the opportunity to present their own projects and gain valuable experience in dealing with scientific conferences.

To participate in the conference, you need to order a standard ticket on this page.

If you also want to present a project or conduct a workshop, submit a report of no more than 2 pages. You can find more information on the website.

For more information on the conference and participation.

Where does the event happen? Campus II,
Kapelle K101

When does the event happen?
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StuKoI 2024 - Normal Ticket

StuKoI 2024 - Normal Ticket

You will need this ticket to participate in the StuKoI.